Who Is Yenitza Muñoz?

Here's Who Yenitza's Worked With In The Past:

Introducing Yenitza Muñoz!

Yenitza Muñoz is a producer, television broadcaster, and entrepreneur. She is the owner of New Mindset Content Productions which specializes in creating shows for streaming, radio, and cable.

She has produced with and interviewed  countless renowned talent such as Montel Williams, Jodie Sweetin, Kardashians, Tommy Chong, Breal, Kel Mitchell, Tyson Beckford, P-Rod, and many more.

She has created and produced many shows for NBC, iHeart, Roku TV, and more. Yenitza also owns Muñoz Coffee which has a variety of Mexican blends, Latin fusions, and more. She loves her Mexican culture and its coffee blends. 

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