How To Make Money With A Podcast?  by @YenitzaMunoz

Podcasting has become a popular trend. From writers who took their passion from blogging on their Wordpress websites to speaking on their Youtube channel and social media sites, from broadcasters who now want to create their on streaming shows, and to entrepreneurs who want to generate a large following on social media to sell items or services. However, with such a massive trend, why is it popular and how can people make money? I’ll breakdown some easy steps for you to follow on how it is possible to make money from podcasting.

Today, millions of people have access to the internet and millions have a smartphone with abilities to connect to Wifi. The internet has become a huge e-commerce. Podcasting wasn't very popular 8 years ago. Not that long ago, having a radio-style program or an online talk-show on Youtube was not popular. What was popular on Youtube was funny videos, makeup tutorials, wild stunts, music videos, and sport clips. In my opinion, we were so used to being accustomed into listening to radio and watching cable television for decades which is why we saw broadcasting as an old media-outlets. More eyes were into easy streaming outlets. 

It wasn't until large media companies saw how social media and streaming was about to take over, because on how convenient it was to watch at any time and anywhere on your smartphone, tablet and laptop! Millions of people started to prefer streaming, and of course marketing companies followed their clients. Finally large media companies saw the importance to develop apps like Spotify, iHeart, and more to stream talkshows, radio shows, and music. More eyes on smartphones which means more dollar signs in marketing ads.

With that being typed, it became a domino-affect. Now many people have podcasts and other forms of content online. Also, our recent pandemic catapulted podcasting since more people had free time. So how do you standout and make money with podcasting since it’s becoming saturated? I recommend for you to read my first blog post titled “How to Start a Podcast!” That post explains how to create professional content, do proper uploads, and how to promote your podcast.

Aside from encouraging you to read my last blog, I recommend for you to specialize your podcast on something you can sell your own products on or services. It is best to be passionate about the topics you will discuss. If you are currently not selling anything, I recommend that you start! It can be as easy as cosmetology services, print on demand clothing, yoga pants, meal prep for diet programs, consulting, life coaching, and more. Anything! Whatever you’re passionate about to make a podcast on, you should turn it into a business!

Many people jump into podcasting assuming they will get sponsors easily. This isn't entirely true. Yes, you can get some sponsors, but to find one to pay a lot of money is slim. A lot of brands prefer to pay for ads on social media, Youtube, and on podcasts with celebrities or with massive followings. Also, many podcast platforms such as iHeart and Spotify add their own paid ads before your podcast airs and they pay the podcaster pennies, when they collect most of the payment.  It is best for you to sell your own products and services! You will make more money. 

If you are new to the world of entrepreneurship, I recommend for you to take an easy online class or do some free research online on how to start your own LLC or DBA. You can use this to help write-off your podcast production expenses and other expenses in your new endeavor. At the end of the day, you have to pay your bills. Hobbies and online followers are exciting, but if can’t convert those eyes into sales for your products or services then why waist your time and hope a paying sponsor will come your way? If you can’t afford to pay your bills or exceed in life with your hobbies, then you are selling yourself short! 

While you conduct your podcast, remember to mention your products or services in the recordings. Make it come-out natural and not forced. You are the specialist in the topic and you are passionate about it! For example, your podcast is about cosmetology.  Talk about the special ‘eye-lashes’ you sell retail on Amazon or Shopify. Remember, you can always buy something wholesale and sell it retail. You can also invest in creating a product yourself. I know this sounds easier-said-then-done, but in the long run you will have perfected this and you will be an independent business owner, all while enjoying your hobbies! 

Remember, to add a link in the bio of the podcast to guide your audience to you products or services. You can create an easy Shopify account, Amazon, or Wordpress. Like I mentioned before, if you are new to all of these resources, please learn online by using easy methods like ‘Google’ or ‘Duck-Duck-Go.’ Study search engine optimizations (SEO) online. There is a tremendous amount of free information out there. However, be aware and smart of what are the correct sources, but at this point of time in 2020, I hope you know what I mean! Avoid reading biased blogs or paid spam ads. Re-search credited sources from reputable websites. 

Nevertheless, there is a lot of free information that explains on how to start your business and on how to set up websites such as Shopify, Amazon, and Wordpress to sell products and services. Add your podcast to your website and add your show on all podcast platforms. Read my previous blog on “How To Start A Podcast” to get those details because there are 3rd party sites that will handle all your uploads. Being an artist and content creator is fun, but you have to be smart and business-minded! If you love your creative side, turn it into a real money making side-hustle or career! Learning and creating this mindset when starting your podcast can guide you into making money and will make you stand out! You will have like-minded followers who enjoy your brand. Start your podcast right! 


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