Podcast 101 by @YenitzaMunoz

How To Start A Podcast

Podcast 101 by @YenitzaMunoz

Are you curious about starting a podcast, or do you currently have a podcast, and you're struggling on how to make money with it? Here is my advice on how to create a successful podcast! I structured my suggestions in order, beginning with how to start a successful podcast and how to possibly generate income from it. 

I have been in the industry of broadcasting for ten years. I have witnessed the massive change personally from mainstream media in television and radio, from changing rapidly into internet streaming. In 2010 when a broadcaster said they did ‘internet broadcasting,’ many industry professionals would see them as amateurs. Rapidly, streaming online became a great way to get massive views because of the unlimited and easy resources such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and more. It is now a good and also an alarming trend. It is seen as “good”, because anyone can post content, and it is convenient to tune-in at any time! It can be bad, because some internet content is too biased and has false references, which isn't ‘text-book’ broadcasting. Nevertheless, with the massive boom in ‘internet streaming’ now, it is a very saturated market, so how do you stand out?

Standing-out, when trying to broadcast your content through a podcast requires professional content and internet savvy skills. The following advice is excellent for beginners. 

  • Invest in a good camera, a social media face-light, microphone, updated computer, and take an online class on how to edit videos. 
  • While filming, please make sure you have a clean background and that you look presentable. 
  • Have all your content ready and scripted to keep the show’s flow to have an energetic pace. 
  • Another alternative is to use a podcast recording studio with an editor and engineer on sight. This can help you save time if you're too busy to edit and invest in all the behind the scenes hours. Standard studio rates range from $50-$300 an hour with edits, lights, engineers, and cameras; depending on the studio equipment rates and locations. If you do not have access to a studio near you, then creating one in your home or office is fine. 
  • If you use your studio, please practice doing tele-interviews via Zoom on your computer to perfect your editing and production skills, so you do not fail during an interview. Study other successful podcasts to understand their edits and energy during interviews or podcasting in general. 
  • Try to keep your shows 15-45min long. Going over, 45min can lose your audiences’ attention. Make your podcast catchy and exciting. 
  • Once you have perfected your production level and have created at least three good podcasts, you can start uploads and promotions! 

Promoting your podcast and doing proper uploads are essential. You must upload it to all podcast platforms! I listed a few options below. Once you upload the content, I recommend running ads on Social Media and Youtube. Please follow the rules on these sites, or you can have your page taken down. Investing in production and ads can be a bit costly, but it’s worth it! If you created a podcast to promote products or services you are selling, make sure to use your business account, such as a LLC or DBA, to make any investments to your podcast. You can have your accountant help deduct any expenses needed during tax season! BE SMART WHEN YOU INVEST IN YOUR BRAND. Below are good sites to help you upload your podcasts! 

Top of the list: 

  1. LaunchMyPodcastNow.com ( https://launchmypodcastnow.com/  ) This is a one-stop-website that uploads your podcast onto all podcast platforms and on KCAA NBC RADIO, which airs on 102.3FM, 106.5FM, and 1050AM in LA, OC, Riverside, and San Bernardino County in Southern California. All four counties have over 5 million listeners tuning-in because of how heavily populated the areas are. This website has PR services, studio services, SEO’s, and more all included. Truly an easy way to grow fast! 
  2. Spreaker.com is an okay site. It is a one-stop-shop where your podcast gets uploaded to all platforms, which is a plus, but they do not promote well or pay well. You have to pay monthly at a low rate, and they do not have a great return. You would still have to invest in social media ads and Youtube ads. 
  3. Basic individual uploads to iTunes, Facebook, and Youtube are easy, but you still have to spend money on ads to stand-out. Make sure to use correct keys-words when describing your show and use proper zip codes where you want to promote, when you create ads. Sounds confusing? Please study what search engine optimization (SEO) means and what proper tags for Social Media ads can be for your brand. All this free information online. You only invest in ads to boost your views.

How to make money? 

Once you have created entertaining or informative content and you have a decent following, you can now make a media kit. It is easy to add the media kit on your website or have it saved on standby to email any possible leads. If you use a 3rd party podcast site such as, Launch My Podcast Now or others sites, they provide your podcast ratings and demographics.

If you use your own social media, then you have to make your own media kit. Be honest when creating your media kit! Please add three easy packages with prices in your media-kit. Also, having a press kit is helpful for booking celebrity guests. If your show only has between 20k-50k listeners, don't shoot for high rates such as $1,000 and up. Be realistic with the prices. Once you hit about 100k listeners and up, you can increase your prices. Please show all your leads proof of listeners to keep a good relationship with your clients. Like in any business, word-of-mouth and reputation is very important! 

I have posted another blog on how it is possible to generate an income with your podcast. I recommend for you to start your podcast production skills first and once you have a decent following start looking for leads! I alway recommend to sell your own products or services on your podcast to help get the ball-rolling. Until then, focus on starting your podcast right and be persistent with your content. I am here to give advice! 


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